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My little brother. He's very special to me, so if you do anything to hurt him I will personally make your life a living hell.


((No friends... Bahahahaha! XD ))
((Anyone can go here! Even Austria... or not... ))

Admnins corner!

ask-fem-switzerland.deviantart… - My face, hopefully I now seem like less of a creeper. Man, I looked pissed! xD
Well, there's not really much to say about me, other than the fact I'm British and my names Vicky (or Victoria if you want to get all fancy, I say!)
:iconepicdancingninja: Click here to see my account and all of my crappy old art! xD
:iconmiy-u-chan: Click here to see my awesome DA best friend and some amazing art, woop!



I may or may not have made another ask account...
Please don't kill me! ;A;
I've really been wanting to do this one for ages, even before I made fem Switzerland! But last night, I jut kinda took the plunge and went for it...
Don't worry though, I will not be abandoning this account, I just thought it would be fun to try someone else for a change, hehe ;D
But aaaaaanyways, if you have a hankering for some of my new account here it is! :iconask-fem-estonia:
It is fem! Estonia, just incase you were wondering ;)
And if you do check it out, pay no attention to the horrible page set up. Deviantart isn't letting me edit my page and I want to cry asdfgjkll ;A;
So... Please don't hate me, and stay beautiful ;D


ask-fem-Switzerland's Profile Picture
Heidi Zwingli

the Swiss Confederation

Switzerland Grunge Flag by think0

Basic Info

:bulletred: Name :bulletred:
Swiss Confederation (Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft)
:bulletred: Human Name :bulletred:
Heidi Zwingli
:bulletred: Age :bulletred:
:bulletred: Birthday :bulletred:
1st August


Like her male counterpart, Heidi has mint green eyes and bright blonde hair, though rather than having it cut into a shoulder length bob, she wears hers much longer in one big plat (or braid). Her unifrom consists of a dark green Jacket, brown pants and brown leather boots, which she wears daily, and due to certain ... interests... she is often seen with a gun slung over her shoulder, much to the dismay of some.

Personality and Interests

There's a word that's known to many when they would think of Switzerland, and that word is ''Neutral.'' To Switzerland, her neutrality is very important and she works hard to maintain it, sometimes going to extreme lengths just to protect it, *cough* Italians *cough*. Due to this (and the fact her home is surrounded by the Alps) she has become somewhat of a hermit, and before meeting Liechtenstein, would much rather chose her own company over that of others. She can appear hostile, and sometimes even rude, when first speaking to her, but if someone were to get close to her, she will eventually open up to them and express a bit more passion over the things she likes. She also has a tendancy to get embarrased when she recieves compliments and fails toreconises when someone if just being a flirt, and ends up being easily flustered.
Although she still shares similar views to her male counterpart when it comes to saving money, she is slightly less stingy, and will often return home with small treats for Liechtenstein; her way of showing affection. The only time she would really splash out on the cash is when buying guns for her collection, which is, to say the least, quite extensive.
Guns are probably her biggest passion and she shows she has quite the skill when handelling them. The only down side to this is she tends to become trigger happy, mostly when trying to protect her Neutrality, or to her more importantly, Liechtenstein.

Random Facts time!

:bulletwhite: Her Birthday, Just like Vash's, corresponds on August 1st, which is the day the Swiss Confederation was founded (1st August 1291)
:bulletred: Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, with an estimated number of 1.2 million to 3 million firearms in private homes. Despite this, Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
:bulletwhite: Switzerland has three pet goats, Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch, named after the famous mountains.
:bulletred: Women in Switzerland are expected to live at least 6 years longer than men.
:bulletwhite: In 1471 a chicken in Basel, Switzerland, was found guilty of laying a brightly colored egg "in defiance of natural law". It was burned at the stake as "a devil in disguise".
:bulletwhite: In Switzerland, there was once against the law to slam your car door.
:bulletred: Switzerland actually invaded Liechtenstein last year when a Swiss Army unit got lost during excercises and ended up there. Afterwards, Switzerland deeply apologised to Liechtenstein.
:bulletwhite: Every Swiss citizen is required by law to have their own bomb shelter or access to a bomb shelter.
:bulletred: Switzerland has the highest percentage (0.01%) of people over the age of 100 in Europe. Only the Japanese do better. There were 798 Swiss centenarians in 2000, 677 of whom were women, for a population of 7.2 million.
:bulletwhite: The last legal execution of a witch was in 1782 in Switzerland.
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